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Musuems in Ostend

The Mercator In Ostend

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Musuems in Ostend
Our small city in the north of Belgium packs a serious punch. It’s on every European travel itinerary and should be on everyone’s bucket list of places to visit before you die. When visiting during the colder months, be sure to pop into the many museums that offer both an artistic, historical and even food boost to the brain, as well keeping you warm and sheltered from the wind and rain. Read some of the top museums we recommend during your stay at Ostend.

Mu. Ze

Ideal for the art enthusiasts on the trip, Mu.ze is home to a unique collection of Belgian art which dates back as far as the 1830s. The building alone is truly a spectacular view in itself housed in an old department store from the 1940s, designed by the renowned architect Gaston Eysselinck. In the museum, you can browse through modern masters such as Servrackx, Jean Brusselmans, Jules Schmalzigaug, Gust De Smet, and Frits van den Berghe, to name a few. There is also some contemporary work to be found here with artists such as Luc Tuyans, Panamarenko, Jan van Imschoot, and Lili Dujourie. In the summer months, from July to November, there are exhibitions for you to also explore.

Three -master Mercator

This impressive ship that appeals to the imagination has been placed for everyone to see its true beauty at the Ostend marina since 1960. Step aboard this mighty ship to uncover her remarkable history. The Mercator had only two commanders and made 41 voyages. Here you can get the opportunity to discover how this iconic vessel became the symbol of Belgium and its significance.


The world’s one and only Fry Museum, Choco-Story is one of many food-themed museums in Belgium. The brings you into a world of chocolate, dating back 4000 years of chocolatey history. You will hear and even taste, tales from chocolate’s position in Mayan, and Aztec beverages to its popularity crave starting in the industrial revolution, and of course to Belgian chocolatiers! The museum will also show you how chocolate is made and you also get to then taste the delicious products for yourself –be rude not to!

City Museum Ostend

If you are looking for some history of the city of Ostend, then this museum is the perfect place. The City Museum of Ostend is home to an array of different historical stories for you to hear and understand more about the culture and values. Here you can witness many objects, posters, documents and technologies that uncover the areas of the tourism, fisheries, harbours and shipping industries. Here you can also discover some royalties for example you can learn all about the Belgian first queen, Louise-Marie.

Anno 1465

Anno 1465 is one of the best-studied medieval fishing communities in the whole of Europe and the most archaeological sites in Flanders. It had been first examined in April 1992 led by the Flanders Heritage Agency, the site is opened to public back in 2000. Here you can see the buildings of residents from the medieval village with original bricks that were excavated at the site. The museum contains persevered objects from that area and also tells stories to give you a true understanding of life in the village.

Leopold Ostend Accommodation

Leopold Hotel Ostend is in an ideal location no matter why you’re visiting the city. We are a short walk from the centre of the city, the seafront and pier and of course, the Mercator. Book your stay in Leopold Hotel Ostend using our official website for exclusive access to our best available rates. We have special offers and discounts you won’t find anywhere else. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Leopold Hotel Ostend.

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